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  • Consulting
    • Tree health and risk assessment, tree inventory, mitigation planning
  • Pruning
    • Ornamental/Fine Pruning – The goal or objective being aesthetics i.e. using proper pruning techniques to keep the graceful and natural form of the tree keeping it appealing to the eye.
    • Large Tree Pruning – spur less climbing of large mature tree to obtain the pruning objectives that the Arborist and client agreed upon.
    • Fruit Tree Pruning- the goal or objective being the production of better more harvestable fruit.
    • Hazard Pruning – the goal or objective being to mitigate some risk while retaining the tree i.e. removing broken, hanging, or diseased limbs, removing dead wood 2 inches and greater and end weight reduction on over extended branches that may be pron to failure.
  • Cabling
    • Using a dynamic and non-invasive cabling system in the canopy of a tree to mitigate some risk of lead and branch failure or to minimize the damage that would be caused if certain tree parts failed.
  • Removal
    • Removal service available